Monday, 31 August 2015

Force Majeure

I saw Force Majeure at last. Great film - beautifully shot, paced and performed. Human foibles ringing true.

It is Harry Pye's birthday today.

Here is the Facebook page for "Building Jerusalem" - an engaging English rugby doc and my first feature length film soundtrack.

And on the subject of Facebook, here is the Facebook event page for the songwriting workshop thing which I will be running for Glagow University's Centre For Open Studies.

Carey from Camera Obscura has had to increase her Just Giving target because folk have been so generous in her fundraising for Sarcoma UK - donate or share here.

Here is an interview with Lloyd Cole. Last question is about that Camera Obscura song (although the recorded version didn't feature 1000 Mexicans on backing vocals)....

I am currently waiting to receive a piece of music which I began several weeks ago and has since passed through the hands of five other composers (Sonia Allori, Colin Broom, John De Simone, Oliver Searle and Drew Hammond). Now it is coming back to me for a final touch up. It is one of six such pieces. The whole thing will be performed by Ensemble Thing at the Sound Festival in Aberdeen (who commissioned it) in October. Exciting.

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