Thursday, 3 September 2015

Building Jerusalem, London.

On Tuesday I was down in London for the premiere of "Building Jerusalem", a theatrical sports doc about England winning the rugby world cup in Australia against Australia in 2003.  My first feature-length film soundtrack.

We were in the Empire, Leicester square (HUGE screen). The film + Q&A with director James Erskine, star kicker Jonny Wilkinson, etc. was being beamed live into 200 cinemas all round the UK. It's a dramatic tale told well with engaging characters. You don't have to be English (tick) or have much of a clue about rugby (tick) in order to appreciate it. And the soundtrack is absolutely amazing 

Here is a picture of the film poster in Oxford Circus:

And another one:

Here is a picture of a man that looks like Professor Robert Winston parking a swanky car in Covent Garden:

Here is a picture of me considering stealing the Rugby World Cup to take back home to Scotland to a hero's welcome:

Here is a picture of my tiramisu and coffee in Polpo, a cafe in covent garden (recommended by a pal and now recommended by me. Especially the fritto misto. I had to ask what that was, btw. Hmm?  You already knew what fritto misto was? Really? Feeling smug?):

Here is a picture of me indicating the whereabouts of Big Ben:

This is where I ate some meatballs and spaghetti in Soho:

Here is the book I bought in Foyles, Charing Cross Rd to read on the train journey home:

Thanks, London. And New Black Films.

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