Thursday, 24 September 2015

Jekyll And Hyde

Last night, courtesy of BAFTA Scotland, I went to a preview screening of Charlie Higson's Jekyll And Hyde, a 10 hour ITV series that will run from late Oct. 'Twas fun - rollicking, unsubtle, campy fun. Think BBC's Sherlock + Indiana Jones + something else that will come to me after I have published this and can't be bothered editing it.

I keep listening to this short piece by Mendelssohn. Lovely.

In Bob news...

Bob! 18 CDs?! Argh!!

I'm finishing up my contribution to "You Can't Get There From Here" - a collaborative co-composition with 5 other composers (left to right in picture above: Sonia Allori, Colin Broom, Drew Hammond, John De Simone and Oliver Searle). It will be premiered at the Sound Festival, Aberdeen on 24th October with a performance by Ensemble Thing. It's been a fairly amazing process for me; making me write music in a different way. There's a wee bit more info here. Exciting.

I am also working on music for a documentary about prisons. (Not using a lot of penny whistles or slide trombones for this one.)


Carey Lander from Camera Obscura has now raised over £40k for Cancer Research. Amazing. I know Carey has taken a lot from the support and generosity of folks out there. Feel free to contribute/share...

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