Monday, 14 September 2015

Fake Cappuccino

For my birthday dinner I went to Don Costanzo. I had been meaning to go there ever since it relocated from Buchanan Street (it used to be The Caprese). I have a memory of eating there with pals about 25 years ago and the Don himself brought out a fake cappuccino and pretended to spill it over a couple of the guests. One of the waitresses told me he still does it from time to time.

DC was out of the kitchen swanning round the restaurant every 10 minutes or so daring you not to like the food, giving customers a telling off for eating too much bread, kissing female customers farewell, haranguing others into eating the beautiful cannelloni he had just prepared (he brought the baking tray through from the kitchen as proof), etc. Today I discovered that he is going to retire. Dec 31st will be the last day of the restaurant. I recommend getting a taste of this Italian-Glaswegian institution before they close the doors for good. Aww.

A tiramisu on Saturday

Then it was on the good ol' GFT For "Irrational Man" which I enjoyed. I didn't love it. I could pick a few holes if I felt like it. But I enjoyed it.

Here is an amusing Bob Dylan story.

You can now order "Building Jerusalem" - featuring my soundtrack - on DVD here.

As I type it is Sept 14th. In 6 days it will be appropriate to post this:

And finally, Esther: another reminder for Carey from Camera Obscura's Just Giving Page.

Be good.

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