Monday, 21 September 2015

21 Sep

I am working on music for a thing that I can't tell you about. Hush hush and all that.

Last week we paid a family visit to the Glasgow Art School and looked at some work by the graduates. My 5 year-old took the opportunity to draw something for the visitor's gallery:

I went to a great night of Scottish short films at the GFT last week. If you get the chance to see "United We Will Swim Again" it's lovely, short doc about the campaign to save Govanhill Baths.

Two years ago yesterday (as I type) I got the initial idea for this:

More info and music at

I am enjoying dipping in to this:

Plenty of passages and phrases to make one smile out loud. For example; "I gently kissed away the remains of a nut cluster from her upper lip."

Carey Lander is closing in on £40k for her Sarcoma UK Just Giving fund. Please donate or share here.

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