Saturday, 28 November 2015

28th Nov

This week I saw "Bridge Of Spies"...

I liked it. A lot.

In fact the last three BAFTA Scotland screenings have all been corkers: the above, Room and Carol.

I am right up for a bowl of this sometime too:

So I am working on some music for a thing. Hush Hush and all that.

Oh - the intro to this was in a pub quiz the other night and I thought, "Man that sounds goood"...

(That's the same pub quiz where our answer to "What animal has the most teeth in its mouth?" was "A shark eating a crocodile" didn't get a bonus point for Astonishing Hilarity. There's no justice.)

Just caught up with Peepshow and Catastrophe - double thumbs up. Toast Of London is waiting in the wings.

And tomorrow I'm going to see Ronnie Spector. Whoop!

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