Sunday, 13 December 2015

Frankie Sin

"Frank Sinatra Has A Cold" is a great read. Be warned there are more than 140 characters...

(I was asked to write something about my favourite Frank Sintra song - look here)

Last Tuesday there was a Creative Writing Showcase for students on the Glasgow Uni Open Studies courses. Great night with some good readings, and four of my students sang songs. (*pause for swell of paternal pride. Ok that's enough...*) The next workshop kicks off on Jan 14th. Register before the festivities. The perfect Xmas gift for the budding songwriter in your life. Scroll to Page 46 here.

I want Lance from Detectorists to be my pal. Yay for the Christmas special.

This week I met Dougie MacLean, Ricky Ross and had a chin wag with the great Karine Polwart. And I saw a bit of a debate in the Scottish Parliament where MSPs applauded speeches with claps (instead of mannered moans and grunts).

I keep listening to this:

Oh and here is Morricone talking about melodies.

I have been giving The Iskra String Quartet a wee listen.

And I am writing music for a couple of things.

And that is all I have to say.

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