Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Peter O' Toole on bagpipes

Like the last person standing in Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers I stumbled across "Hero" by Family Of The year and I dig it. That direct melody, plenty of space, the steady build. I think I'd rather just listen than watch a video but here it is:

Still haven't seen Boyhood yet.

I am chuffed to sneak into the Top 10 here

Still no reply from David blinkin' Hockney though...


...Santa gave me Brian Blessed's memoir "Absolute Pandemonium" and it does not disappoint. A wee extract concerning Peter O' Toole:

"To everyone's astonishment O'Toole grabbed one of the bagpipes and commenced playing them brilliantly. There was no end to his talents. After huge applause, he bowed and threw the pipes straight through a glass window. It was the signal for mayhem..."

Here are some beautiful words from Tracyanne Campbell about her pal Carey Lander.

If you feel like chipping in a pound or two or spreading the word, Carey's Just Giving page for Sarcoma cancer research is here. (now over £85k raised...)

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