Monday, 12 August 2019

Camera Obscura, The Belle & Sebastian Boaty Weekender, Etc....

On 30th July Teenage Fanclub played the Kelvingrove Bandstand.


It didn't rain during our set so hooray for that.

On 5th & 6th August Camera Obscura returned to live performance. 

More fun.
The venue was St Luke's in Glasgow: warm-up shows for The Belle & Sebastian Boaty Weekender and also fundraisers for the Prince & Princess Of Wales Hospice - where Carey Lander spent her final days.

The love in the room was palpable. Peter Ross's 5-star review for The Times put it well: "This was a hug as much as a was beautiful to have them back."

Before heading down to the second show I sneaked a visit to the good ol' GFT to see Scorsese's Rolling Thunder film on the big screen

It was amazing all over again, of course. Bob was on fire during that period.

Next day I flew with Teenage Fanclub to Barcelona for The Boaty. Some travel issues aside (ahem!) it was a pretty unique, amazing happening. 

Belle & Sebastian were great..

The Buzzcocks were great (I sure dug Diggle's stagecraft)...

The Vaselines were great...

Camera Obscura were great...

The chocolate cake was great...

I loved the Teenage Fanclub gigs. 

Norm's annual tune-up.
Playing past midnight on the open air pool deck as we cruised through the surreal blackness of the Mediterranean sea and sky was both nuts and fan-dabby-dozy. 

But I think I enjoyed our second and final show in the Stardust Theatre even more.

It's not often I'm moved to throw my drumsticks to the punters at the finale of a performance. Those things don't grown on trees.

Great to hear Yo La Tengo's "Stockholm Syndrome" live - complete with Blakey holding down the acoustic rhythm guitar.

At an autograph session a kind music fan from Japan gave me an interesting photo from the day, many moons ago, when I visited Tokyo Disneyland with BMX Bandits:

Rare snap of me without my make-up
Me and my favourite female country singer.
Me and the boat.
Me and my husband. Just kidding. Me and and the man who made it all happen. All hail Stuart Murdoch!
Me, Norm & Raymond (+ Tour Manager Keith etc.) disembarked on Caligiari, Sardinia.

We went for some lunch. 

An embarrassment of pasta
I had a siesta. We went for some dinner.

Seafood Fragula (yum)
Some Sardinian wine earlier this week.

On Monday I visited the Galleria Comunale D'Arte

The Mother Of The Murdered Man by Francesco Ciusca

Still Life by Giorgio Morandi. 

I walked back to the hotel, drank a farewell chinotto...

... and headed for the airport, homeward bound.

An amazing few days. I am lucky to get to do what I do. And I do appreciate it.

Teenage Fanclub play the Leith Theatre on Friday 19th August. Nearly sold out apparently - so now you know. Don't come greetin' to me if you can't get a ticket.

Arrivederci! x

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