Monday, 14 March 2016


A poem:

Happy Valley finishes this week,

I thought The Second Mother was a good film. I wanted to give 
Regina Casé a hug.

I also remembered how much I *love* this song:

On Friday night Gogglebox included "Dunblane - Our Story". I wasn't sure how this segment would sit with the rest of the show (it generally has a fun, light tone) but it seemed to take over and establish itself with ease. An STV production for BBC now being promoted on Channel 4. it was very moving all over again and as director Stephen Bennett tweeted, the comments were "spot on".

In her final weeks Carey Lander established a Just Giving Page to fund research into Sarcoma - the cancer which took her life. Look how much money has been raised now. The page will close in a few days.

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