Friday, 11 March 2016


Teenage Fanclub have a gig.

I saw Anomalisa and liked it. I thought this review was pretty spot on.

John McCusker is releasing a new album..

It was a privilege to work on the music for "Dunblane - Our Story", Exec Produced by Mick McAvoy and Produced & Directed by Stephen Bennett. As I type it is still on BBC i-player - here

Some TV reviews:
“The makers did what good documentary makers should do in the face of such overwhelming stories: recorded the words of those at the heart of them simply, edited unobtrusively and didn’t give way to sentimentality.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian
“It was, of course, harrowing stuff. I defy anyone who watched it not to have welled up – or worse. But at the same time, it was utterly absorbing.”
Amy Burns, The Independent
“This was a portrait, all the more moving for its restraint, of those whose lives were either lost or irretrievably changed by grief and sometimes guilt … Much had to go unsaid, but what was striking was the power of brief words to encapsulate a great deal.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph

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