Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Blinkin' Beechgrove Garden

At last. Something my late mum would have been proud of.

Scottish horticultural televisual institution The Beechgrove Garden returns to our screens tonight featuring *drum roll* my music. Hooray. Thursdays 7.30pm BBC2 Scotland and Sundays 8.45am on network BBC2.

This week I visited my old pal John McCusker at his fancy home recording studio for some TV music fun. 

Look out Mulligan & O'Hare
John played fiddle, whistle, cittern and harmonium. I strummed a guitar and drank tea. And ate biscuits. A satisfying excursion all told. ("Dance Of The Carrots" turned out particularly well.)

John's got a new album coming out btw....

I wonder if he wears a cagoule and carries his fiddle around with him when goes for the rolls and milk?

Before I go - I updated my film/tv music showreel:

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