Friday, 25 March 2016

Truffle Salt

Jotting in an old notebook:

"When are you going to use that truffle salt that I got for you?"
(Dean & Deluca, NY, 23/11/09)

A wee while ago I worked on the music for a short film "When A Man Loves A Woman". Here is a short film about me doing just that:

A couple of years ago I attended an inspiring Composer's Lab event at the Edinburgh international Film Festival. Matt Dunkley was a brilliant guest speaker. His "Six Cycles" is out now and available on Spotify.

(But if you want to buy some REAL music...just kidding!).

I recommend "Speed Sisters". Can't beat a good doc.

I keep listening to this - part of it reminds me of Joan Armatrading singing "...but I'm open to persuasion". 

Very sad to see Garry Shandling has gone.

Yonks ago I loved the double bill of Seinfeld and Sanders. (Was it on BBC 2 on a Tuesday night? Och, who cares.). Hank's sex tape was a favourite (("Sex is not a dirty thing. Sex is not a crime. It's a loving act between two or more consenting adults."). Here is a lovely short piece about Shandling's last email to GQ writer Amy Wallace.

And now an extract from "Piano Notes" by Charles Rosen (I am persevereing despite his employing the phrase "flail" when describing rock drummers mid performance).

a book, last Monday

Re. how to greet a performer after a performance: "Nadia Boulanger...would come backstage, hold your right hand in both of hers, look you straight in the eye and say, "You know what I think!"


Happy Easter.

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