Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Laura Cantrell's Back In Glasgow

Laura Cantrell's Back In Glasgow

The ABC, Glasgow - Sun 8th May 2016
How *great* to have Laura Cantrell back in Glasgow - at the ABC, accompanied by Mark Spencer and Jordan Caress, supported by Mary Jean Lewis & The Low Men, promoted by my ol' pal Kevin Morris at the Fallen Angels Club, with Tracyanne Campbell from Camera Obscura joining LC onstage for a duet of "Glass Armour"... 

Left to right - Jordan, Tracyanne, Laura & Mark
...which they co-wrote (talk about my worlds colliding) and with me jumping onstage for a few songs and cocking up the intro to the title track of the album which started it all in the first place, "Not The trembling' Kind". Perfect.

"My favourite album of the last 10 years and possibly my life" - John Peel

Laura & Mary Jean during post-gig libations
Twas a great, great night. Allow me to feel a little bit emotional keeping time on "Two Seconds Of Your Love" and "The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter" - all these songs still mean as much to me, if not more.

I do hope, dear reader, that you have picked up NTTK on vinyl (at last) and/or the new BBC Sessions album.

Next day there was luncheon in Sloan's and a sightseeing tour of Laura's third home (hey I'm claiming it for her after Nashville and NY)...

It's sunny in Glasgow ! Quick! Do the Open Top Bus Tour!
And now Lady Cantrell is off to tear up Leeds, Oxford, London, Bristol and Manchester....
The night before Laura's show I saw the RSNO perform Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall which was splendid. 

But for now - let's keep it country...

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  1. I hope Mark isnae still on that bus circling Glesga!