Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Me And Jacky Bird - The Truth

On Sunday (3rd Nov) I donned my tux, googled 'how to tie a black bow tie', and headed off to the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2019 to drink gin and limoncello.

I'm not one to name drop but, yes, I can confirm the rumours that a certain "JB" was at my table.

I provided the music for "In Sight Of Home - The Iolaire". It lost out to Real Kashmir FC in the Single Documentary category. Och well.

However, I also provided the music for both "Yes/No: Inside The Indyref" which did win Specialist Factual...

...and I composed the music for "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" - made by Hannah Currie and Beth Allan - which won best Short Film...

Their acceptance speech is a hoot.

The trailer for this wee gem is here:

Other recent composing news: I am not one to bear grudges. Not for longer than necessary. Thus despite our 3-1 drubbing in the Argentinian World Cup of 1978, I nobly rose to the task of creating my own arrangement of the Peruvian national anthem. Why, you ask? All will be revealed on BBC Two over the Christmas period.

Oh and Cash Trapped is coming back! Mon 11th of Nov. 5 days per week. 5pm. ITV and STV.

I loved working on this; possibly the only Bradley Walsh TV show whose theme music has been compared to The Dead Kennedys. *polishes nails*

I can highly recommend Guilt on BBC Scotland.

I Walked With A Zombie on BBC i-player is the kind of film made for late Friday nights and black and white portable tellys.

I remember standing in front of Las Meninas at the Prado and feeling how paintings can be time machines. The opening chapter of this book hooked me in:


I'm grooving to Bob's "Travelin' Thru". The Bob + Johnny Cash sessions are pleasantly loose. And they *sound* so lovely. The reverbs! The space! The vocals! If this doesn't float your boat - well, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Andy finally, Esther...

I'm looking forward to playing Rolling Stone Park Festival 2019 with Teenage Fanclub in a few days.

Schnitzels ahoy!

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