Thursday, 21 May 2015

Battenburg AND Madeira

Today I had a rehearsal with the lovely Cairn String Quartet for our performance at BBC Scotland on June 5th.

Tea + Cake + Music = Pleasant Way To Spend A Couple Of Hours.

(That's Battenburg and Madeira btw; I'm an internationalist when it comes to bakery products.)

I can recommend Slow West, recently screened by BAFTA Scotland. It was followed by a great Q&A with Janice Forsyth and director John Maclean. Inspiring stories about working with what you've got.

Bob Dylan appeared on the outgoing (in whatever way you want it to mean) David Letterman the other night. Bob's antics during the instrumental break are wonderfully awkward (that look at 3min 10 seconds!). Think he's miming his vocal?


My website has had a wee tweak.

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