Tuesday, 19 May 2015

We Don't Really Like What You Do

Last night I saw Norman Blake and Jad Fair perform at Mono. Twas fun.

Jad's encore of a cheesy stand up routine was a highlight ("we got a flat tyre - there was a fork in the road"), but especially moving was their performance of Daniel Johnston's "The Story Of An Artist".

We don't really like what you do,
We don't think anyone ever will,
It's a problem that you have,
And this problem's made you ill.

Norman and Jad's new album "Yes" is available here, by the by.

Final, final word on Picasso and Francoise Gilot - I enjoyed this Vogue article from 2012.

Record Collector described my album "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" as "sublime music with floating textures". So yay.

More info or to order LP, CD or mp3s at www.francismacdonald.com

Don't forget I am performing LIVE with the Cairn String Quartet at BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow on June 5th on the Bryan Burnett show. Get free tickets here.

Car boot sale reading. I liked Alan Bennet's "The Uncommon Reader", a kind of love letter to the joys of the written word.

 'Manhunt' -  the first episode of The Detectives was pretty compelling TV.

Lastly I made up a joke.

Me: Why has Dracula never been to The Western Isles?
You: I don't know, why has Dracula never been to The Western Isles?
Me: Because he's afraid of The Gaelic.

Och, please yourself.

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