Friday, 15 May 2015

Pablo, Dave and Antoine

Picasso meeting Charlie Chaplin is an interesting read but for my final extract from Francoise Gilot's "Life With Picasso" I think I'll offer the following.

Gilot, mother of two of Picasso's children, has been having haemorrhages and her doctor advises she needs an operation:

When I spoke to Pablo about it, he said there was no question of my having the operation right away.

'I'm much too busy to let you take time off now', he said. 'There's no need for women to be sick so often, anyway.'

I wonder what would have happened if Kim Fowley and Picasso had ever got stuck in a loft together...?

What else? I have been speaking to some HND/BA students about The Music Industry, such as it is. And I am working on music for a film.  *mysterious ambient music cue*

Teenage Fanclub are supporting The Foo Fighters in Manchester this month. Should be fun. What's not to like about playing drums in front of tens of thousands of people with quite possibly Dave blinkin' Grohl observing from the side of the stage. No pressure.

Meanwhile on 5th June I will be performing some "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" with The Cairn String Quartet on the Bryan Burnett show at BBC Pacific Quay. For more info and to book tickets go here.

Finally, here is an obituary for Antoine Duhamel that just I stumbled across.

I liked his soundtrack for Death Watch, shot in Glasgow around 1980:

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