Friday, 29 May 2015

Teenage Foo Club

On Tuesday TFC drove down to beautiful Hebden Bridge. Last Of The Summer Wine country. The Trades Club is a characterful venue looked after by people that like their job. We coudn't get into the dressing room downstairs until the local Tai Chi class had finished. After soundcheck I had half a pint of Pennines Gold (recommended) and some nice grub prepared by the venue's Tibetan chef. I walked up a steep cobbled road to Heptonstall and read the inscription on Sylvia Plath's gravestone:

Even amidst fierce flame the Golden Lotus can be planted.

I nicked into St Thomas A Beckett church and caught a performance of Bach's Double Violin Concerto and then toddled back down the hill. The gig was hot, sweaty and fun. We played a relatively long set in preparation for the next show - supporting The Foo Fighters at Manchester's Old Trafford cricket ground.

Talking of hot and sweaty I remember when Shonen Knife, Captain America and Nirvana played the QMU in Glasgow. I didn't play with TFC then and I didn't meet anyone in Nirvana, but I was in the dressing room after the show with some others and I remember Kurt Cobain talking to Norman and saying TFC should tour with them - which they did. 

During their set Dave Grohl had some nice words to say about those days:

The Foo Fighters put on a great show. My favourite part was when Mr Grohl got an 8 year-old boy out of the audience to duet on a song.
After the gig we were invited to come and say hello. Dave had time for everyone..

And that was that.

Damn - forgot to give him a copy of this....

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  1. Awesome Francis! I love your work, and who understand music, too.

    Love and peace;

    Greetings from Brazil.