Saturday, 9 May 2015

This is me since yesterday

On June 5th I will be performing some "Music for String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" with The Cairn String Quartet at BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow. Yikes and w'hey!

Last week I sang three songs at a sold out event in Cottier Theatre, Glasgow organised by The Bare Facts (they are on Facebook). One was co-written with my pal Harry Pye. It wasn't this one:

Lesley Riddoch was the main attraction, giving an inspirational talk about Scotland's potential. I won't try and summarise but it didn't boil down to who we should vote for. Kathleen MacInnes sang this (what a treat):

Nae Pasaran's kickstarter campaign has been successful. A beautiful, true story about Scottish factory workers doing their bit to defy the Chilean military regime in the 1970s. It deserves to more widely told, and now it will be.

Last night (as I type) I attended the closing concert of the Plug festival at the Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland. Colin Broom's multimedia extravaganza "7 Pictures Of An Electronic Life" was inspiring. Witty and brilliant. I also loved Jay Capperauld's "Houdini's Death Defying Spectacular" concerning his attempts to contact his (Houdini's, not Capperauld's) wife from the afterlife. It used some extracts from this spooky recording.

My album "Music For String Quartet, Piano And Celeste" picked up some nice mentions recently in:

The Irish TimesQ Magazine and French music blog Soul Kitchen.

Sacre bleu.

I am working on music for a project that I can't tell you about.

Oh and before I go, another extract from "Life With Picasso". The esteemed artists speaks sulkily of friendships and loyalty:

"If they really loved me they'd come anyway, even if they had to wait a the door for three days until I felt like letting them in."

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