Monday, 25 May 2015

Belle & Seb at The Hydro, etc

Last Friday I saw Belle & Sebastian at The Hydro, Glasgow. "The Boy With The Arab Strap" got me feeling particularly emotional. Apparently Stuart Murdoch, many moons ago, passed a mutual friend a demo tape to give to me when I had started my wee imprint Shoeshine and Stuart wasn't with a record label. The mutual friend thought I wouldn't like it and never passed it on. It could all have been so different. Thanks, mutual friend.

Teenage Fanclub have been rehearsing for shows this week in Hebden Bridge and Manchester, the latter opening for The Foo Fighters. Here is a photo of my shoe resting on a drum between songs.

So now I can say I have read Kafka's "Metamorphosis". *clears throat"

"I have read Kafka's Metamorphosis"

Next up, this:

Hooray for car boot sales.

Here is a new thing that might be of interest to fans of Glasgow Music - Guided Walking Tour Of The City's Music Scene.

Over 1k plays for this from my 'classical album'. Yay.

Right, I'm away to practise resting my foot on a bass drum. Wish me luck.

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